Cool-Webstore-Find: Screammm

Always on the look out for a cool webstore?
I think you will like what Screammm has in store, just like me!

Had a little chat with one of the lovely owner,
about the behind-story of Screammm.
Here we go~

Three owners:
Cassandra, Theresa and Fernanda.
They are sisters!So sweet.

July 2012

Screammm is a Singapore-based webstore.
The name is actually derived from some elements that they found in Harajuku.
As Harajuku street fashion is known for it's loud and colourful printed clothings and wild hair colours,
they picked the word Screammm (triple 'm' to emphasize on the loudness)

I like all pieces in this webstore,
colourful, young and creative!
especially the cool web design, GIF images, quirky handmade and finds...
and the most important:
Challenging spirit, creative minds and dream!
this store is just so me.

They are shipping worldwide,
what are you still waiting for my dears?

Let's us shine together with Screammm for colours  ")
[update more cool webstore soon]

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