Fashion Trends in Japan [February 2014]

FAShion Trends in Japan [February 2014]

Long time didn't meet with you guys,
sure miss about the fashion trends which are hotting on the street now,
Let's start with it!

spotted: red lips

* red lips always be the sexiest!

spotted: beanie

* a bit touch of rock and roll
* choose one which has prints on the hat!

spotted: pink-ish

* lovely colour to wear.
* add on with your bright smile on your face, this is the best!

spotted: functional jacket

* keep you warm on this winter!

spotter: trench coat

* choose red!

spotted: plaid prints

* plaid always the best friend for all!
* grab a plaid one-piece to match with your knit sweater

spotted: yellow-ish

* choose a yellow piece to mix and match,
   i am sure you will like this colour just like me!

spotted: headpieces

* believe me... you will need a gorgeous hair clip to stand out your new hairdo!

spotted: lovely ribbon-accessorized

* fed up with your long and straight hairstyle?...
   why not just like a Japanese girl who clip a ribbon on it!

spotted: scarf with fringe

* we all have a knit scarf, just grab a fringe one...
   to layer up your look!

spotted: little v-cut

* we love v-cut shirt, why not try a little v-cut on the bottom of your jeans?
   cool idea, isn't it?!

spotted: letters-printed socks

* a letter-printed tee, we sure love it!
   how about letter-prints on a pair of socks? Nailed!

spotted: green + black/blue

* haven't try this colour mix and match? do it now!

spotted: New Balance

* a new trend that you never wish to miss it!
* mix and match it with your lovely socks

not enough for the fashion trends in Japan?
stay with the next coming month!

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