Japan Hide-and-Seek Kitty Candies

A cat plays hide-and-seek with you!
Japan Felissimo is providing fortune cookies with a cat hiding in the cookies, named Dagashi Nyanko  Kakurenbo or Hide-and Seek Kitty Candies.

It is a wrapped crispy senbei rice cracker, in triangle shape, usually it is flat.
Because of a lovely hand-crafted cat figurine stays inside!

senbei rice crackers
crack it and you will see a cat figurine
cute cat figurine candies

They are posing likes clapping hands, say hi, welcome hug and sleepy.
These cat figurines are totally surprise us >.<

cat figurine candies (clapping hands pose)
cat figurine candies (say hi pose)
cat figurine candies (say hi pose)
cat figurine candies (sleeping pose)
cat figurine candies (welcome hug pose)

Now open these fortune cookies and
find your lovely cat figurine here!

lovely hide-and-seek kitty candies

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