starry starry night

enchanting lace of royal wedding dress

Runway For Japan

I like the spirits I do

seamless sewing of Madame Grès

artistic skeletal expression

savage beauty by the Great Alexander McQueen

Pin-it-Up with 125th-Years-of Coca Cola

Uniqlo pop-up store for Japan Relief

IFB: Links a La Mode - 21 April 2011

after effects of royal wedding

headwrap passion hours

black leather obsession

fashion girls for Japan

diagonal cut redesign

I heart simple fashion

Jay Chou, dressing too much?

fine clothes by fur fur

the icy frenzy

Fashion Trend in Japan (April 2011)

Enstyle, brings real fashion to facebook

A fine-quality, Kuro denim

Diet Coke by Karl Lagerfeld

Pass The Baton

Fishnet shirt redesign + Chinese beaded knot DIY

China Girls rule the world

IFB: Links a La Mode - 31 March 2011

Denim says hello to your style

Lego-inspired heels

sleek-polished orange shade

colour blocking with shade of darker